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Selected project by Co-production Forum 65th San Sebastian Film Festival
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Claudia Pinto Emperador
Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles
Claudia Pinto Emperador
Claudia Pinto Emperador
Els Vandevorts
Peter de Maegd | Tom Hameeuw
Ángeles Hernández | Elena Ruiz
Gabo Guerra
Production Designer
Floris Vos
Elena Ruiz
Vincent Barrière
Sales Agent
Film Factory Entertaiment


The Consequences; During a trip to a small island, Fabiola becomes a spy in her own household. She struggles between the terror of what she might find and her need for answers. How far can she delve into someone else’s privacy? How far can lies go in order to protect our loved ones?

A film by Claudia Pinto Emperador
Spain, Netherlands, Belgium
Feature Film. Fiction. 96 min.

In postproduction

Main cast of The Consequences

Juana Acosta, Alfredo Castro, María Romanillos
Sonia Almarcha, Christian Checa,
Con la colaboración de Héctor Alterio

Sin Rodeos Films | Las consecuencias A.I.E
in coproduction with N279 Entertainment | Potemkino | Erase una vez Films

“All families live with their own silences; in the elusive context of the home, there is a vague space around those things we don’t want to see nor feel. The Consequences explores the inheritance of emotions and the animality of human beings. It is a film about fake monsters (those that come to life in our minds) and true monsters (those that we have in front of us, and that we sometimes don’t see)”.

Claudia Pinto